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postheadericon Fairy Fun

Winchester Christmas Market is going into its third week and Allegra, our resident sales fairy, is selling fairies like they are hot cakes!  She has discovered that the magic boots that all the large fairies are wearing stick to each other so they are performing amazing acrobatics in the chalet.  You are guaranteed a smile and a chat if you pop along to see Allegra, or Ben at the weekends.

Fairy Dust is leaving a magic glittery trail all over the office building and creating Christmas havoc everywhere.  We posted 120 parcels on Monday of all sorts of lovely gifts for our marvellous customers so we are very busy here in Fairyglass Towers.

Other news from Fairyglass Towers : all the fairies are boxed, all 6500 of them!, 5 models are completely sold out already, we are using a lot of heaters to try and keep the building above freezing, and all the elves and fairies enjoyed yummy shared Christmas lunch on Weds.  Three of us brought sausage rolls, so they are obviously a popular fairy food!!

postheadericon Winchester Christmas Market

On Thursday Winchester Christmas Market opened with great pomp and circumstance.  Ice dancers from Dancing On Ice, Japanese drummers and a speech by the Dean all added to the excitement.  And of course, Fairygoodies was there with our new range of fairies in our chalet.  We are in the cathedral buttresses and if the sun shines, we can bask in its glow.  I will be there myself on Saturday afternoon so please come and say hello.  I can show you our little Wishing Fairies, Worry Dolls and Fairy Doors too.


Other news from Fairyglass Towers;  it is getting colder outside than inside!,  we are eating lots of cake from home and enjoying our food van’s lunches.  Apothecary’s Magic Dust and Neon Fairy Dust are keeping all the glitter elves very busy and poor Ben has had his last day off before Christmas.

postheadericon New Fairy Dust Products

The Fairies are really excited this week as the new Fairy Dust products are finally ready.  We have waited many weeks for the component parts to be ready and yesterday they all arrived and we have begun production of Apothecary’s Magic Dust and Neon Fairy Dust.  Both sets are really lovely.  The Apothecary’s Magic Dust is aimed at boys who like to make magic and potions etc.  The Neon Fairy Dust will suit the clubbing crowd.  But both are, of course, for everyone as well.  I hope they sell well as we think they are great products and will make perfect stocking fillers.

Over on we have some new sprinkles this week too.  I particularly like the Spicy Orange Crunch which will be amazing on cakes.  They are a Christmassy spicy orange flavour as well as being very pretty. Coupled with an icing tree or Santa, they will perk up any cupcake.  Perfect for school cake sales and Christmas parties!

Other news from Fairyglass Towers:  the fairy family had a lovely half term break with their cousins in Cornwall. I played a lot with beach and shadow art, making lovely pictures on the sand.  The boys dammed streams and got wet.  Forest improved his surfing with his 18th birthday surfing trip and the dogs ran themselves into the ground. A good time was had by all.   Our glitter elves are very happy and sparkly, the food van is going from strength to strength and Moggie has fixed his motorbike but is choosing to cycle to work while it is dry.  Either way some of the glitter will blow off him as he goes so fast!

postheadericon The King and Queen of Glitter visit Audley End

There was no blog last Friday as the fairies spent most of the day stuck on motorways but in between visited Audley End miniature railway.  We had a lovely time showing off the next season’s fairies, selecting which would go on the Magical Fairy Walk, and then walking around the Walk.  There are little wooden houses for the fairies and all sorts of pretty things to see and discover.  And of course, in season, the trains to ride around on.  It is going to be lovely and I’m already looking forward to the opening of the Bluebell Wood on the first May Bank Holiday.  Anyone who lives nearby should definitely go.  It’s great!

Other news from Fairyglass Towers;  we had Helen’s birthday lunch with lots of yummy chocolate cake, the glitter elves are working really hard and getting very sparkly and we are getting organised for Winchester Christmas Market.

postheadericon We’re a Sage Business Expert!


Sage Business Experts

We’re honoured to have been asked to join the Sage Business Expert programme. Sage (in case you’re not aware) are the market leading supplier of accounts and customer relationship management software, used by businesses of all sizes. The Business Experts programme is a small group (only 15 currently) of businesses selected by Sage for their specialist knowledge, and have been brought together to share the information gained through running their own businesses with the latest generation of start-ups. As we’ve been lucky enough to see Fairyglass grow from its roots in our garage to our current 15,000 square feet of warehousing, I hope we’ll be able to pass on some gems which will help prevent the next generation of entrepreneurs making some of the mistakes we made!

postheadericon Special Offers and Sales

Not only do we have 3 new Rainbow Dust coloured glitters in this week, and some new Hallowe’en coloured sprinkles, we also have some wonderful Special Offers on . I really like the little birdies to sit on cupcakes and the Gold and Silver cupcake cases would be lovely at Christmas.  Time to start being efficient and ordering now, I think. There are a couple of lovely cookie cutter sets as well which would make excellent presents for kids or even stocking fillers at this price!  And just look at these lovely cake stands for beautifying any tea party or birthday.  It’s amazing how much a fancy cake stand does for impressing friends and improving the style of your cake.  Suddenly the cake looks extra special, which is what I want!

metal lovebird hook setOver on we have a fantastic Autumn Sale.  There are even some wings in it.  I have all of these pretty key or scissor or small item hooks in my home.  I love them all.  The Metal Lovebird Hooks make perfect little wedding gifts and at £2.50 are a real bargain.  There are some lovely card sets in decorative tins at half their original price which makes each card less than 50p each with fancy envelopes too.   Most of my friends have received one of these cards at least once for their birthdays as I love them all.

Other news from Fairyglass Towers;  our wonderful catering van cooks all sorts to order.  The boys have been loving their sausage and bacon rolls and fish pie.  Next week, Thursday will become curry day and Terri will make several for us to choose from.  Today’s special is slow roasted pork.  She does veggie stuff for me too.  Now it is getting cold, hot food is a real necessity.  Anyone working in the Corsham area should definitely check them out.  Mog had his birthday this week so we had special birthday lunch with chocolate cake for pudding.  Ben even left his desk to join us!!!  Next it will be Helen’s birthday and then things will calm down before the mad Christmas rush begins.  You won’t see us for (Fairy) dust!

postheadericon Autumn is on its Way

As it gets darker in the mornings and much colder, I start to think about Hallowe’en.  I really liked the spider ginger biscuits I made last year so I think we will have those again.  I gave them glittery eyes with icing and edible glitter.  Not very spooky but quite fun!  We also have Hallowe’en Sprinkles that would look good on cupcakes, but they contain peanut oil so you must check for allergies first.  There is a star cookie cutter in the Kid’s Cookie Cutter Set which would also make great Hallowe’en cookies covered with icing and glitter.  I love it when I have time to bake!

Other news from Fairyglass Towers; we will soon be launching some new Fairy Dust products which is very exciting.  As they will be a surprise, I’m not saying any more now, but keep your eyes open for glitter for boys.  Our new food van is working out very well for all of us and the people are very friendly.  We are all glad the festival season is over as it is so cold now.  And we still have an office space for rent….

postheadericon Festivals, Fun and Frolics

The festival season has been really fast and furious this year, hence the absence of some blog posts.  Four weekends in a row away from home for four or five days each time makes for a very busy schedule.  Ben will still be away for another two weekends but I will be home so the family and home will be a little bit more organised and most importantly, I will have time to do some baking!  Thank goodness there were some cakes in the freezer to keep us going in the campervan.

We had a lovely time at Croissant Neuf Summer Party, spending all of Saturday “oo-ahh”ing as pirates dressed up in our finest pirate gear.  The next weekend took us up to Cheshire for the Just So Festival.  We love Just So, and luckily, they love us!  Sylvan and his friend, Rory, had a great time messing around, joining in with musicians and  blowing giant bubbles.  And they got a 10 minute slot playing on the main stage!  Here we all are chilling out on the stall:

The Bank Holiday weekend was spent at Towersey Village Festival where the weather was a bit wet which slowed the trade down but meant I could go dancing with my friend as the stall was so quiet.  Sylvan found some new friends and quickly formed a band with them.  They were busking happily when the festival organiser walked past and booked them to perform at the beginning of the Closing Ceremony!!  You can imagine how excited they all were!

This weekend and most of next week we are exhibiting at Autumn Fair at the NEC.  What a contrast; suits and smart clothes, horrible piped air and strip lighting, terrible food and thousands of people.  Let’s hope they all want wings and tutus!

postheadericon Fairies Out on the Road

This weekend Ben is back out on the road, braving possible storms, torrential rain and mud.  And hoping for sunshine, dry days and good music!  Our lovely fairy stall will be waiting for you to visit at Priddy Folk Festival, with pretty floral head garlands, wings, tutus, wands and jewellery among other delights. All sorts of fantastic shopping fun!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for dry weather.

Other news from Fairyglass Towers;  Fairy Dust continues to keep me very busy filling bottles and packing boxes, has lots of great cupcake cases for picnics, as well as these cute boxes for carrying the picnic in, and Magic Sparkles Glitter to make your creations really twinkle.  The tomatoes on our “roof garden” are growing very slowly  It is not warm enough for them (or me) at the moment! So I will be back baking in the kitchen to make something nice to take to Priddy.   Hope to see you there!

postheadericon What’s New,(Pussycat)?

Lots of new products have arrived at Fairyglass Towers this week.  We have received Gramarye, the first issue of a journal from the Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairytales and Fantasy.  I know what my next reading book will be now. It is full of interesting articles including one about Undomestic Witches.  Wicked!

There are also some delightful new Fairydoors for indoor use which are beautifully hand-painted and all individual so no two will be the same.  Our house already has two all-weather Fairydoors and will now have one of these pretty little doorways peeping out in the kitchen.  As these doors open, I think I will put a sticker of some sort behind mine so there is something to find for children who are curious enough to look!

New on are some Shimmer Sugars at the bottom of the webpage. Gold, Silver and Copper Red will look very twinkly on any icing.  We also have some new Stars in blue and white which look rather sophisticated, I think. And should keep most boys happy,too.

Other news from Fairyglass Towers;  I have finally got round to using the beautiful Pink Foil Cupcake Cases and made some Toffee Caramel Chocolate cupcakes. They are so delicious they were almost eaten before we could photograph them. So here is a half eaten one to make your mouth water!  No festival this weekend but we are considering going to Weston-Super-Mare to see the sand sculptures.  Any other recommendations welcomed on Twitter @fairyglass, please.

Fairy Dust is flying out of the door and the little bottles are getting filled with all 10 colours which is keeping me very busy indeed!


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