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postheadericon Festivals, Fun and Frolics

The festival season has been really fast and furious this year, hence the absence of some blog posts.  Four weekends in a row away from home for four or five days each time makes for a very busy schedule.  Ben will still be away for another two weekends but I will be home so the family and home will be a little bit more organised and most importantly, I will have time to do some baking!  Thank goodness there were some cakes in the freezer to keep us going in the campervan.

We had a lovely time at Croissant Neuf Summer Party, spending all of Saturday “oo-ahh”ing as pirates dressed up in our finest pirate gear.  The next weekend took us up to Cheshire for the Just So Festival.  We love Just So, and luckily, they love us!  Sylvan and his friend, Rory, had a great time messing around, joining in with musicians and  blowing giant bubbles.  And they got a 10 minute slot playing on the main stage!  Here we all are chilling out on the stall:

The Bank Holiday weekend was spent at Towersey Village Festival where the weather was a bit wet which slowed the trade down but meant I could go dancing with my friend as the stall was so quiet.  Sylvan found some new friends and quickly formed a band with them.  They were busking happily when the festival organiser walked past and booked them to perform at the beginning of the Closing Ceremony!!  You can imagine how excited they all were!

This weekend and most of next week we are exhibiting at Autumn Fair at the NEC.  What a contrast; suits and smart clothes, horrible piped air and strip lighting, terrible food and thousands of people.  Let’s hope they all want wings and tutus!

postheadericon Warwick Weekend

This weekend you will find Ben at Warwick Folk Festival in Warwick.  It’s a bit like “Where’s Wally?” but with fairies!  The festival is on a lovely open flat site with a good line up of music and stalls so do pop along and say hello if you are in the area.  Ben will have our pretty parasols if it continues to be sunny and some emergency raincapes if it doesn’t!  Let’s hope the sun stays out for a bit longer yet.

Other news from Fairyglass Towers: most of the family have been in at some point or another doing a bit of glitter filling.  The daughter’s boyfriend even went to an interview covered in glitter, but he does seem to get the most covered.  Moggie has been teaching Sylvan to skateboard around the office in his spare moments, and at last there are some flowers on our tomato plants on the roof.

postheadericon Summer Festivals Here We Come!

This weekend Ben is at Trowbridge Village Pump Festival, located strangely in Westbury!  The ground is not muddy and seems to be free draining so we are looking forward to a pleasant weekend in relative dry and warmth.  The fairy stall is up and ready to go and the punters are beginning to arrive.  I am very excited to be see Seth Lakeman there tonight.  Next weekend we will be all set up and sparkly at Warwick Folk Festival which has a really good line-up for such a small event.  We hope to see you at either or both of these festivals.  You might even get a sprinkling of Fairy Dust if you mention reading the blog!

Other news from Fairyglass Towers;  900 bottles of Fairy Dust filled on Monday alone, the wafer roses are flying out of the doors again and school holidays are beginning!  Hooray!

postheadericon The Chicken and The Egg

This week we have received some new wafer decorations here at Fairyglass Towers. There are some wafer roses which is great as we have been waiting a long time for them, but also some new chicks.  These are not on the website yet as we have to figure out a way of packing them safely before we can sell them!  However, I managed to steal a few and have made some “chicken and egg” chocolate cupcakes with them.  I think they are really cute and fun.  I know it isn’t Easter for ages but these look very yummy and no one ever complains if there are chocolate eggs on their cakes!

Other news from Fairyglass Towers; no festival this weekend for us but plenty of family commitments (so we will be eating all the chocolate cupcakes), and some planning and organising for Trowbridge Village Pump Festival next weekend. Fairy Dust continues to sell well, so well in fact, that we have run out of pink and white stoppers. They are due in next week so no need to worry.  We have selected and supplied floral head  garlands for the Prior Park production of The Magic Flute which will be on in September, much to the excitement of the girls wearing them!  They will get to keep them after the performances so they are all very happy.  So far, we have decided the boys will not be wearing garlands, so they are happy too!!

postheadericon Fairies Out on the Road

This weekend Ben is back out on the road, braving possible storms, torrential rain and mud.  And hoping for sunshine, dry days and good music!  Our lovely fairy stall will be waiting for you to visit at Priddy Folk Festival, with pretty floral head garlands, wings, tutus, wands and jewellery among other delights. All sorts of fantastic shopping fun!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for dry weather.

Other news from Fairyglass Towers;  Fairy Dust continues to keep me very busy filling bottles and packing boxes, has lots of great cupcake cases for picnics, as well as these cute boxes for carrying the picnic in, and Magic Sparkles Glitter to make your creations really twinkle.  The tomatoes on our “roof garden” are growing very slowly  It is not warm enough for them (or me) at the moment! So I will be back baking in the kitchen to make something nice to take to Priddy.   Hope to see you there!

postheadericon What’s New,(Pussycat)?

Lots of new products have arrived at Fairyglass Towers this week.  We have received Gramarye, the first issue of a journal from the Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairytales and Fantasy.  I know what my next reading book will be now. It is full of interesting articles including one about Undomestic Witches.  Wicked!

There are also some delightful new Fairydoors for indoor use which are beautifully hand-painted and all individual so no two will be the same.  Our house already has two all-weather Fairydoors and will now have one of these pretty little doorways peeping out in the kitchen.  As these doors open, I think I will put a sticker of some sort behind mine so there is something to find for children who are curious enough to look!

New on are some Shimmer Sugars at the bottom of the webpage. Gold, Silver and Copper Red will look very twinkly on any icing.  We also have some new Stars in blue and white which look rather sophisticated, I think. And should keep most boys happy,too.

Other news from Fairyglass Towers;  I have finally got round to using the beautiful Pink Foil Cupcake Cases and made some Toffee Caramel Chocolate cupcakes. They are so delicious they were almost eaten before we could photograph them. So here is a half eaten one to make your mouth water!  No festival this weekend but we are considering going to Weston-Super-Mare to see the sand sculptures.  Any other recommendations welcomed on Twitter @fairyglass, please.

Fairy Dust is flying out of the door and the little bottles are getting filled with all 10 colours which is keeping me very busy indeed!

postheadericon Weather Dependent

Leamington Peace Festival was a bit muddy.  Stalls were relocated and luckily Ben was close to the main stage.  Rain stopped some people coming on Saturday but it was busier on Sunday.  Thanks goodness there is no Glastonbury this year.  The mud would have been awful.  The Isle of Wight Festival is having mud problems and punters have been stuck in their cars as they cannot access the site.  Very miserable and difficult for everyone involved.  At home, we have had to cancel the school fete and sports day due to rain.  But I have still done a lot of baking as it is too cold and wet to do any gardening.  My beans and courgettes and tomatoes are being decimated by slugs and knocked around by wind and rain. I am not happy about this at all.  Word is that it will improve in July.  I really hope so.  We washed the stall in the two dry days this week and would like it to stay clean and full of customers for the rest of the summer.  Our next festival is Priddy Folk Festival over the weekend of 7/8th July.  It is free to potter around the stalls and watch some events; camping and bigger concerts require tickets.  Parking is very reasonable so it is a good family day out even if you don’t want to stay all weekend.

Other news from Fairyglass Towers;  we are all well again (Hooray) and back up to speed filling bottles with Fairy Dust.  The tomato plants are planted in potting compost on the roof.  Some really pretty new FairyDoors have arrived but are not quite on the websites yet and shhhh, I think it has stopped raining for 5 minutes!

postheadericon Festival Season Begins in Earnest

This weekend is Leamington Peace Festival.  This is one of the oldest festivals still going and it is still free.  Ben will be there with a full stall of fairies, glitter and lovely stuff.  Go and see him if you can.  The weather means the stall  may not be in its usual place but please do look out for him; he will welcome you.  We didn’t get a place at the Isle of Wight, so won’t be there, but our next event will be Priddy Folk Festival, 7\8th July.  Then it is pretty much every weekend till mid September!  We will let you know where to find us nearer the time.

New in this week are some lovely foil cupcake cases such as these pink ones, some in red and purple and some pretty belle ones too.  I have used the Belle ones for chocolate brownies in cases to sell at an event I am helping organise this weekend. It is on Facebook as Miss B’s Pop Up Boutique and Vintage Tea Party. It will hopefully be really good.

Other news from Fairyglass Towers:  we have worked doubly hard this week as two out of four of us have been ill most of this week!  Fairy Dust is going from strength to strength, the new labels are in and being used and it is very sparkly in the Fairy Dust room.  We are heartily sick of the rain as we want to use our hammocks on our roof and plant out the tomatoes. But it isn’t warm enough for tomatoes outside!

postheadericon New Cupcake Cases

This week we have added 6 new cupcake cases to .  I am looking forward to baking with the shiny pink ones very much.  Pink is just my colour!  But so is purple.  So much baking to look forward to….

Stroud on the Water was fun, if a little wet and low-key.  There were not that many visitors and some of the stalls gave up and went home, but it picked up Monday evening and everyone ended up enjoying themselves.  The canal had been open for 4 days before the event, and the canal workers were still working on more of it as we enjoyed the festival.  A bonus for us was meeting the Bandana Lady and making several lovely bandanas to bring home.  Definitely a workshop to attend if you are at the same festival as her!

Other news from Fairyglass Towers; the winners of the cake stand competition on Facebook were announced today so we are waiting for them to contact us to receive their prize.  There will a special Facebook offer next week too, so keep checking our page for details.  We filled 540 bottles of  Fairy Dust today and I made a big chocolate tray bake for a friend’s party tomorrow.  Let’s hope the rain stays away as it is in her garden!

postheadericon Stroud on the Water

Canal boats and folk music, what could be more fun for a Jubilee weekend?  Ben will be setting up in Stroud tonight and open for business tomorrow, Sunday and Monday.  Come and see us if you can at the festival and check out everything that is going on.

Fairy Dust is still keeping us busy and we have had deliveries of lots of Rainbow Dust too so you can make sparkly cakes for the Jubilee and any other occasion!

Other news from Fairyglass Towers: it is Ben’s birthday this weekend and he is convinced Stroud on the Water is really just a big birthday party for him.  Forest is learning about work experience filling bottles with glitter.  Work is a big surprise to him – having to focus, do something consistently and and be mentally present for more than an hour at a time has been challenging for him!  The sun has shone.  This is big news and exciting as the warehouse was actually warm inside. Wow!

Our next event is Leamington Peace Festival, one of the oldest festivals on the circuit and still free.  Maybe see you there?


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