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postheadericon Special Offers and Sales

Not only do we have 3 new Rainbow Dust coloured glitters in this week, and some new Hallowe’en coloured sprinkles, we also have some wonderful Special Offers on . I really like the little birdies to sit on cupcakes and the Gold and Silver cupcake cases would be lovely at Christmas.  Time to start being efficient and ordering now, I think. There are a couple of lovely cookie cutter sets as well which would make excellent presents for kids or even stocking fillers at this price!  And just look at these lovely cake stands for beautifying any tea party or birthday.  It’s amazing how much a fancy cake stand does for impressing friends and improving the style of your cake.  Suddenly the cake looks extra special, which is what I want!

metal lovebird hook setOver on we have a fantastic Autumn Sale.  There are even some wings in it.  I have all of these pretty key or scissor or small item hooks in my home.  I love them all.  The Metal Lovebird Hooks make perfect little wedding gifts and at £2.50 are a real bargain.  There are some lovely card sets in decorative tins at half their original price which makes each card less than 50p each with fancy envelopes too.   Most of my friends have received one of these cards at least once for their birthdays as I love them all.

Other news from Fairyglass Towers;  our wonderful catering van cooks all sorts to order.  The boys have been loving their sausage and bacon rolls and fish pie.  Next week, Thursday will become curry day and Terri will make several for us to choose from.  Today’s special is slow roasted pork.  She does veggie stuff for me too.  Now it is getting cold, hot food is a real necessity.  Anyone working in the Corsham area should definitely check them out.  Mog had his birthday this week so we had special birthday lunch with chocolate cake for pudding.  Ben even left his desk to join us!!!  Next it will be Helen’s birthday and then things will calm down before the mad Christmas rush begins.  You won’t see us for (Fairy) dust!

postheadericon Autumn is on its Way

As it gets darker in the mornings and much colder, I start to think about Hallowe’en.  I really liked the spider ginger biscuits I made last year so I think we will have those again.  I gave them glittery eyes with icing and edible glitter.  Not very spooky but quite fun!  We also have Hallowe’en Sprinkles that would look good on cupcakes, but they contain peanut oil so you must check for allergies first.  There is a star cookie cutter in the Kid’s Cookie Cutter Set which would also make great Hallowe’en cookies covered with icing and glitter.  I love it when I have time to bake!

Other news from Fairyglass Towers; we will soon be launching some new Fairy Dust products which is very exciting.  As they will be a surprise, I’m not saying any more now, but keep your eyes open for glitter for boys.  Our new food van is working out very well for all of us and the people are very friendly.  We are all glad the festival season is over as it is so cold now.  And we still have an office space for rent….

postheadericon New Edible Glitter

Finally we have a new completely edible glitter mainly made of sugar.  It is fairly sparkly and very fine. I have tested some of it over on our facebook page where the photos don’t really do it justice but you can get some idea of how it looks.

Now that the children are settled back in school and we are catching up with our Fairy Dust orders, I have had time to do some weekend baking this morning.  So Kevin Brown‘s birthday tea with friends will be very tasty and fun this weekend!

Other news from Fairyglass Towers: Tom is going to his nursing job covered in glitter.  Luckily this makes his patients smile.  Ben enjoyed his first weekend off for 2 months by relaxing with the Saturday Guardian on Saturday and doing all the backlog of DIY that has built up while he has been working away on Sunday!!  Our tenant moved out so we have a 3x4m office to rent if anyone knows anyone who might be interested.  Contact us via any of the websites.  We have a new lunch van coming every lunchtime with homemade fresh sandwiches, tea ,coffee and cakes.  It is painted all over with flowers and is really pretty.

postheadericon Glitter, Glitter, Glitter

This week I collected 20,000 plastic bottle stoppers for Fairy Dust.  On the first day we filled and stoppered 1000 bottles to be sent out.  We kept Moggie running up and down stairs all day with parcels to be posted all over the UK.  Tiring for him but very exciting for the business!

On Monday I escaped Fairyglass Towers for a few hours to help a friend dress our school theatre for a production of The Magic Flute.  Ben very kindly donated all the  butterflies with slightly damaged packaging and I collected lots of fabric from the Scrap Store and we sparkled and spruced up the theatre no end!

Today I managed to start the reinstatement of Baking Friday, and have produced a few cakes.  Some can be seen over on our Facebook page and here are the little American fancy cakes, covered with edible glitter.  They are so dainty, just one mouthful and they’re gone.  Several mouthfuls and suddenly the plate is empty!

postheadericon Fairies Out on the Road

This weekend Ben is back out on the road, braving possible storms, torrential rain and mud.  And hoping for sunshine, dry days and good music!  Our lovely fairy stall will be waiting for you to visit at Priddy Folk Festival, with pretty floral head garlands, wings, tutus, wands and jewellery among other delights. All sorts of fantastic shopping fun!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for dry weather.

Other news from Fairyglass Towers;  Fairy Dust continues to keep me very busy filling bottles and packing boxes, has lots of great cupcake cases for picnics, as well as these cute boxes for carrying the picnic in, and Magic Sparkles Glitter to make your creations really twinkle.  The tomatoes on our “roof garden” are growing very slowly  It is not warm enough for them (or me) at the moment! So I will be back baking in the kitchen to make something nice to take to Priddy.   Hope to see you there!

postheadericon Glitter Central and Large Deliveries

The new Fairy Dust Glitter RoomYesterday there was much huffing and puffing, heaving and shoving, moving and shaking at Fairyglass Towers.  Today there is a glitter room all set up with packing table, filling station, stock shelves and Ben’s pride and joy, the shrink wrapping machine. I filled 500 bottles of FairyDust in my new, bright room which is much nicer than the pokey little room we were using before.  This is a week for large numbers.  Next week our new own-design wands to match our wings will be arriving  - they will appear very soon on the website.  There are 10,800 of them! Also just in are 7,200 feather boas and 15,000 butterfly stickers for Fairy Dust triple sets.  Some time next week, as soon as possible we hope, 50kg of glitter in 10 different colours will land with an ungraceful thump in the warehouse to be daintily packed in tiny Fairy Dust bottles (lots and lots of them!).  Also due next week are 60,000 floral head garlands for Poppy Daisy who share our warehouse space and 20kg of vermicelli for  Lots of heavy boxes to be moved around, stacked up and then moved around again!

All this glitter is keeping me from my cakes and baking.  Thanks goodness it is so cold and wet; at least I’m not feeling too guilty about neglecting the garden!

Other news from Fairyglass Towers; the new bit of warehouse has a roof which we are intending to use as a picnic area with VERY hardy plants for a “roof garden”.  Note the very hardy.  Although Moggie wants to put tomatoes out there….

postheadericon Christmas Markets

We are into the swing of the markets now, getting used to working 7 days a week and looking forward to Christmas and a few days off!  Winchester is lovely and our chalet is in the sun for some of the day which is good.  The ice rink draws a crowd and everyone seems to have a lovely time.  Westonbirt Enchanted Christmas is very beautiful although the walk itself gets very crowded at opening time.   A slightly later start to the walk will mean avoiding the worst of the early families with buggies.  The lights are very pretty and the use of bubbles is quite magical.  I really enjoyed having a break last Saturday evening and walking round.  And the fairies are proving popular, so much so, that we are running out of Constanza!

Other news from Fairyglass Towers: most edible glitter colours are back in stock but selling fast, the office is full of Christmas cheer and busyness, Ben has eaten all the chocolates from our Open Day and we are feeling the cold!!!

postheadericon Open Day is Coming

One week tomorrow, Saturday 19th November is our annual open day.  From 10am to 7pm the warehouse door will see any visitors who care to come,  pass through it’s chiming portals.  We will be offering mulled wine, winter berry cordial and mince pies as well as the opportunity to see our products “in the flesh”.  We will have cupcake decorating and craft kits demos too. And best of all, I get to wear my best fairy dress!  So do please come, we’d love to have you.

Our address is ; Unit 33

Leafield Ind Est



SN13 9RS

Snowy Lane Crafts: Enchanted VillageOther news from Fairyglass Towers;  The fabulous Snowy Lane Crafts are going on today.  I really loved making the cute little houses for my Christmas decorations and am looking forward to painting and glittering the papier mache Santa figurine.  We are anticipating a long overdue delivery of edible glitter next Friday and waiting for the fairies to jet in from Thailand, where they have been held up due to the serious flooding experienced there.  We are psyching ourselves up for setting up chalets at Winchester Christmas Market (24th Nov to 21st Dec) and Westonbirt Arboreum’s Enchanted Forest (every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 25th Nov to 18th Dec 5-8.30pm).  The fairies will be magical  at either venue so come and see them!

01225 436208

postheadericon Birthday Picnic

Whoopee, the sun is shining and we’re finally getting some summer!  This weekend it is Mog’s birthday.  Aside from tidying and organising, Mog loves cycling.  So he and Ben are cycling to Avebury, possibly with the boys, and Lucy and I will meet them there with a picnic.  So this morning I have baked a caramel and spice  cake (with hidden courgette for added moisture) and strawberry jam cupcakes.  From this I have learned that the caramel cubes tend to sink th the bottom of cakes and then stick to the greaseproof liner.  So I am collecting more caramel cubes and some caramel crunch to go on the top of the cake, hence it is not iced on top in the picture.  The strawberry jam cupcakes are still cooling but will have strawberry jam buttercream and strawberry crunch and pink glitter on them.  Then I will make some sandwiches on Sunday morning and off we will go.  If you happen to be walking around Avebury on Sunday lunchtime, you may well spot us!

Other news from Fairyglass Towers:  We are planning our Christmas Open Day!!!  It will be on Saturday 19th November and EVERYONE is cordially invited.  The address is: unit 33, Leafield Ind Est, Corsham, Wilts, SN13 9RS.

We are confirmed at the Enchanted Woods at Westonbirt Arboretum for the 4 weekends before Christmas, starting Fri 25th Nov,  and at Winchester Christmas market, starting at a similar time.  Chocolate Week is fast approaching and we heartily recommend the cute chocolate spoons as a fun thing to serve/eat/use  with friends this week (10th-16th Oct).  Hallowe’en is coming at the end of October and we have Pumpkin and Bat sprinkles as well as orange and black edible glitter.  How exciting can cakes get?!

postheadericon Towersey Village Festival

August Bank Holiday Weekend means only 1 thing to the fairies : Towersey Village Festival.  After a very quick turnaround, laundry wash and reload of van after Just So, we were off again to Towersey.  This will be our 5th Towersey Village Festival and our enthusiasm only grows each year.  This year was the coldest August for ages, and we were very aware of that, wearing lots of layers and needing to wrap up warmly in the evenings.  The weather was definitely against us all on Thursday and Friday, with almost monsoon rain fall most of Friday.  Saturday was marginally better but there was still some really heavy showers.  All the wet kept the campers out of sight, off site in their tents probably and meant the first 3 days really lacked the usual Towersey buzzy atmosphere.  Luckily for the traders, the rain stopped and it warmed up a little on Sunday and Monday, bringing in the day visitors who like to shop.  By Monday evening most girls had their floral head garlands and getting dayglow face paint for the final party.  Purple roses have been the moat popular garland this summer by a long way, selling out first at most events.  We also sold lots of tutus and some wings too.

Towersey Village Festival has a wonderful reputation for music and kids workshops.  We usually close the stall around 8pm, when all the evening concerts start, and go out dancing and watching.  This year everyone was talking about a duo from Orkney.  Saltfishforty were just amazing:  musical virtuosos and with a lovely humble manner about them.  Fairyglass Towers is resounding with the sounds of the CD we bought!

This year Sylvan is old enough to go to Shooting Roots workshops.  He took to them like a duck to water.  He got up early to do the wake-up warm-up, then did Funky World Band with his saxophone, Craft, Rapper Dancing, Theatre and lastly Ceildlh Project, also on the sax!    This kept him busy from 9.45am to 4.45pm every day.  On Monday afternoon I abandoned Ben at the stall to watch the performances which are the culmination of the 4 days workshops.  Sylvan was the main character in the Theatre group’s play and was running backwards and forwards between the stage area and the musicians area to play in all the musical interludes.  Then he played in the ceildlh band while other students practised their newly acquired calling skills.  Shooting Roots can really get the most from kids; the productions were fantastic and all the kids were rightly proud of themselves.  Another wonderful weekend was had by all.

Other new from Fairyglass Towers:  we were going to show our new mini marshmallows but Ben ate them all before he had time to photograph them so this is what is left on his desk!


almost all gone!

We are still waiting for our Edible Glitter to arrive; it was sent to Scotland by accident!  The office is eating up what little cake is left.  Pandemania Pizza at Towersey also enjoyed our cakes which kept them going at the busy times.  More garlands in new designs are expected any day so Mog has been waving his tidy-up wand in the warehouse.   We all enjoyed Cake Pop Princess’s cake pops and are now getting back down to full-time office duties ( or making more cake).   Ben will going to Swanage Folk Festival on 9th, 10th and 11th September.   Wow, that is a lot of other news!


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